Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heaven Hunt

I was out hunting when I saw my prey;
senses were taut and so was my grey.
I climbed down the mountain to find it by the river;
reached for my bow and an empty quiver.
Pulled out an oak to make me a charge;
I was in the wild and my prey at large.
Stealthed my way but it saw me coming;
dashed for the woods and found me running.
It jumped over bushes, I toppled over twigs;
soon I was panting having water in swigs.
Didn't want to give up so I entered the maze;
I think it was fury, could have been craze.
Soon I was in the open, staring at the place;
it would beat heaven hands down in the race.
I had found another place the last time I was hunting;
I remember it to be just as enchanting.
Sat there long taking in the beauty;
reluctantly returned to the call of duty.
No prize to flaunt, no picture to frame;
But I will hunt again, because I love this game.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cryptic Vibes ...

I'd look at it all the while but manage to still keep it at bay;
What's beyond that glass is the unknown kind, which is not here to stay.
But this day it calls, urges to come look at the inscribes;
The more I ignore the stronger they become, the cryptic vibes.

I shut the door and plug the peephole, what I do is I block the light;
Not that I really enjoy the dark, though scarier is an unwanted sight.
But this day I am gullible, so much that I give into the bribes;
The more I ignore the stronger they become, the cryptic vibes.

I've been out there before, I accede it was euphoric while it lasted;
Got scathed so bad on losing, still remember how the bile tasted.
But this day I summon courage to stand, not knowing who or what prescribes;
The more I ignore the stronger they become, the cryptic vibes.

Hope is a tricky thing; it’s like a mirage, mostly wishful thinking;
Draggle behind it while you doltishly watch a sane man flinching.
But this day I dream, dream of an oasis, oblivious of my own gibes;
They have dragged me where I shouldn’t go, these cryptic; cryptic vibes.